Personal Futures Support

Providing career development support and personal coaching to individuals affected by organisational change.

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Person Futures Support

Bespoke ‘personal futures’ support may include:

  • Dealing with change
  • Job search
  • Support to update and review CV’s
  • Interview preparation
  • Provide advice to support applications made via NHS Jobs
  • Administration of psychometric tests (personality and verbal/numerical ability) for those who request it
  • Supporting individuals in career planning

Coaching and Career Development Support…

Current changes and the significant financial challenges being faced by the NHS is impacting on the careers of huge numbers of NHS employees. This is resulting in individuals having to review their personal futures.

During this time of uncertainty external coaching and career development support can help those people affected work through the changes, develop personal action plans and facilitate a shift in thinking towards a positive view of the future.

Dearden provides such support to individuals affected by organisational change, and have done so for large numbers of people both through organisational contract and directly to individuals. Set out above are some ideas stemming from our previous experience. However our approach is always tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and organisations affected and we always work closely with our clients to ensure the components of our approach meet the desired needs. For example providing support to ensure you have the best CV, and interview preparation.

This support can be provided either on a one-to-one basis or, where appropriate, within groups

  • Empathetic – When working with people who are going through a time of huge personal change, we aim to be empathetic but focused on positive action.
  • Positive – Our experience has shown us that it is important to build people’s confidence, give them a sense of their own worth and encourage them to take control of their futures.
  • Realistic – Our advice will be realistic.
  • Professional – We pride ourselves on the high standards and quality in all that we do. Your staff will be going through a difficult time and deserve the best that we can provide. All discussions with individuals will be confidential.

The two most popular approaches for individuals faced with career change…

  • Workshops for those aspects of finding a new role that focus on practical aspects of job search and application.
  • Individual coaching sessions that focus on the more personal, individual issues involved in making a move. Both of these approaches are supported by on-going telephone support where necessary.