Assessing Clinicians’
Leadership Ability

Our aim is to help organisations base their clinical recruitment decisions on the best possible information.

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Assessing Clinicians’ Leadership Ability

  • Leading the way in assessing Clinical Leadership Ability

  • Supporting NHS organisations to select and develop the most talented clinicians
  • Helping AACs make more informed decisions
  • Insightful for employers, Developmental for candidates
  • Tailored high quality services, providing outstanding value for money
  • Embedding clinical leadership…. driving high quality outcomes

Leading the way…

Dearden Assessment lead the way in assessing the leadership capability and potential of Clinicians.

We are justifiably proud of our reputation for designing and delivering high quality, creative and excellent value for money assessments, supporting NHS organisations to select and develop the most talented individuals.

Thank you very much. I have had very positive feedback from the panel.
A New Acute Trust Client

Get it right for the long term…

Making a more informed decision on the full range of required skills and abilities of clinical candidates is challenging.

Our aim is to help organisations base their clinical recruitment decisions on the best possible information. Typically this involves enhancing the information your final selection panel will have on candidates’ leadership skills and personal qualities.

Our assessment provides baseline behavioural information that underpins the essential appointment criteria.

Suggesting areas for further exploration…

Examples of areas we can suggest for final interview extended exploration that may otherwise be overlooked (these have been taken from real examples)…

  • A candidates’ ability to inspire clinical colleagues
  • A candidates’ ability to hold others to account
  • A candidates’ ability to manage themsleves in stressful situations

I really enjoyed the day and took away a great deal; confidence in my strengths and appreciation of areas that I need to work on. I think the relaxed, yet professional manner, created by Dearden helped to bring the best out of the participants including myself. The development report and in particular the competency dimension guidance is a valuable output that I will certainly get value from going forward.

Clinical Director Candidate

Cost effective, high quality and developmental…

Our approach is extremely cost effective, providing your organisation purely with the key elements that it requires to support and add to the decision processes of the AAC.

Your style was professional and reassuring and I think you managed to get the best from me too!


Positive Feedback

Feedback tells us that organisations find our approach extremely good value for money, providing essential and accurate insights that AAC’s are able to feed into their thought processes.

With full feedback given to every candidate, candidates also tell us they find the process both positive and developmental.

I have learnt a great deal from the whole shortlisting process about my style, strengths and development needs which has been.

Consultant Candidate