Demonstrating Leadership Skills at Interview with the FMLM

Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

Dearden Search and Selection are delighted to introduce these half-day interactive workshops run in partnership with the Faculty for Medical Leadership and Management as part of their ‘Essential skills’ course series.


Demonstrating Leadership Skills at Interview:

The workshop will be fast-paced and highly interactive, with sessions building on your knowledge of your own leadership strengths, and practical exercises to help you structure your evidence and articulate your strengths succinctly and persuasively at interview. Dearden is at the forefront of leadership assessment and our workshop is designed to help you structure your thinking around your own leadership skills and behaviours, and to relate them to the organisation’s needs.


More and more healthcare organisations are looking to recruit Clinicians with leadership capability to drive radical service redesign and improvement. This half day ‘active’ workshop is designed to help you demonstrate your leadership skills confidently at interview.


Learning objectives
By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Prepare and deliver compelling evidence that demonstrates your leadership skills
  • Articulate your unique selling points succinctly and persuasively
  • Increase your self confidence and personal impact
  • Identify strategies for your continued personal development

You will also learn through practical application and feedback:

  • What each question is actually looking for
  • Strategies for structuring your responses
  • About non-verbal communication skills

Limited places available.


Additional information


Prices starting from £40

Who should attend

For those who are applying for their first Consultant post through to those applying for Senior Clinical positions with significant management responsibility, such as Lead Consultant, Clinical Director, or Medical Director roles.


25th November 2015 at 9am – 12.30pm


Demonstrating personal qualities, Setting direction, Creating the vision

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  1. Annabel September 16, 2015 at 11:05 am - Reply

    Highly valued workshops – Leadership skills at interview
    A very enthusiastic response was had from FMLM members following the two interactive workshops on Demonstrating Leadership Skills at Interview and Assessing leadership skills and values at interview
    run by Dearden Search and Selection on 25th August.

    Delegates said they valued the opportunity to learn and practice skills in this ‘very interactive and well structured session’. Having lots of facilitators was key to the success.

    Top learning points included understanding and practicing how to appropriately structure the ‘Give an example of’ type of questions, with ‘Great practice questions’. Equally important was learning the importance of developing self-awareness, good interview preparation techniques and the significance of non-verbal communication and practicing all these skills.

    The guides, which form part of the workshop, were highly valued with one delegate saying they are ‘worth their weight in gold!’

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